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That went by fast.

I guess I never finished up my Army stories, heck, I didn’t even get out of Ft. Riley. I’m not too sure what to use this site for anymore, it seems like Facebook has taken the place of blogs and personal websites. I will think on it for a bit and see if I can come up with some way to use it. For now, I’ll just use it to post little things here and there from time to time.

Ruby Beach

The Porters

We spent this weekend up in Port Angeles and went to Ruby Beach on the west coast today. Ruby Beach is near Forks, WA (Where Twilight was filmed). We had a great day and I think the girls (all 4 of them) are exhausted this evening. We put up a few pictures on our album, take a look here.

Almost unpacked

Well, I think there are more empty boxes outside than full boxes inside so at least there is that. Paula, Susan and Maddy have been busy getting things unpacked and put away and as for me, I seem to be the one trying to break up the monotony of work by taking everyone hiking or something. I think that by the end of next week, we should be done with unvoxing and down to fine tuning. Moving is no longer fun, nor am adventure.

I think we are planning on a hiking trip to Mount Rainier tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good so the view should ne nice.

Work is going good, so far I think I will enjoy it.

Talk to you all again later.

The House Sold!!!

Well, there is a contract on it at least. But we should close on the house on 30 June, I plan on trying to get home around the 26th or so to get the house sold and the truck loaded. We found a rental house in Federal Way, WA, which is just about 15 miles south of where I will be working so the drive shouldn’t be too bad. We are also about 1 and a half miles from a theme park called Wild Waves, which may prove to be pretty cool this summer.

I am looking forward to getting Paula and the kids out here so we can start living again. I will try to keep this updated more often, I was informed by mom that Facebook tends to be a bit slow at times.

Take care.

Our two smart little girls!

This week our girls were given awards in school. Mary was awarded the Art Award, Good Citizen Award and the Principles Honor Roll (Straight A’s) and Courtney earned the Good Citizen Award, BUG Award (Bring Up Grades) and the A-B Honor Roll (Only A’s and B’s). Paula and I are very proud of these two, they truly are special.

Here are some pictures of the awards day, I have a video or two as well and I will try to put those up too.

Courtney showing off her awards
Courtney showing off her awards
Mary and her awards
Mary and her awards