Happy New Year, 1991.

So, I believe I left off with spending time with Tim and his family during Christmas of 1990. Well, the day after Christmas, Tim drove me back to Fort Riley so I could get ready to go to Desert Shield. The events during the next few days are fairly blurry because it went by so fast and we did so much, but I do remember loading our bags onto a truck and getting on a bus and driving to Topeka, KS to get on a plane. It felt like we were on that plane for about 3 days and I remember making a fuel stop somewhere in either Canada or Greenland (maybe) and the plane did not stop in time and we went off the end of the runway. World Airlines I believe it was, wouldn’t recommend them, good luck finding them on Expedia. After a few more stops, we finally landed in Saudi Arabia. It was late, it was dark and we were tired. I remember getting off the plane and looking at my watch as it ticked past midnight on 31 December. I looked up and proclaimed, “Happy New Year”, to which I was greeted many expletives that would have made my father proud (a little inside joke, but since only my mother is reading this, she’ll get it).

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  1. Yet another interesting update. Yes your Mom gets it.Do so hope others are enjoying this and just not commenting. Is there anyone else here?
    Thanks Dave.

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