Finish up with Fort Riley

So we left off with returning from Desert Shield/Storm and back to good old Ft Riley, Kansas. The rest of my time at at Riley was relatively routine, several field exercises, lots of gunnery practice, PLDC (Primary Leadership Development Course) but the most important thing that happened was I got married to my true love and best friend, Paula.

We would spend a couple of very good years in a very bad mobile home in Ogden, KS. When it came time to decide to stay in the Army or get out, we decided to stay in, but change jobs since I could not see much of a future in the civilian world for someone who could shoot a tank from 2000 meters. This is when I decided to go to Army Air Traffic Control School. After I re-enlisted for ATC school, my unit sent me to work as a special duty Life Guard at the pool on Fort Riley untilĀ  we left Fort Riley and started the next chapter in our military lives.

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  1. Thanks again for the update.Posted a comment before but it must have gone to cyberspace. The clock is ticking.Love to you all.

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