New Job, New Home

So, I finished up my 4 years at Fort Riley as an M1A1 Tank Commander and decided to try something different, Air Traffic Control School at Fort Rucker, AL. There isn’t too much to talk about during my time there, however I did earn Distinguished Honor Graduate for my class and I got my first taste of Southern Style Sweet Tea, which is more like tea flavored syrup.

I guess it was about January of 1995 when I graduated and was assigned to the Air Traffic Control Tower at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA. I’ll never forget my first look at Savannah, especially when compared to Ogden, KS. It was one of the most beautiful cities I had seen and I knew Paula and I would enjoy it there. I was there for a few weeks until I could get the time to go and get Paula. I took a Greyhound bus (my last Greyhound bus trip ever) from Savannah, GA to Clinton, MO and every little town in between, I think the trip ended up taking 26 hours or something like that. Well, I made it to Clinton, we rented a moving truck (much smaller of a truck back then, compared to what we used this last time), put Paula’s Olds Calais on a trailer and headed out for our new home in Savannah.

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  1. Again, Thank you. Times were simpler way back then,Huh! You are getting old when we can talk about way back when.Love, Mom

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